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Nursing pillow at hospital?

I have the My Brest Friend twin pillow all ready, but my DH is trying to talk me out of taking it to the hospital with us because of its size. I'm scheduled for a c section on Monday, 8/5 if I don't go into labor before then.

Did you take yours to the hospital, or did you find it easy enough to position your twins with several pillows?
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Re: Nursing pillow at hospital?

  • My hospital had a regular MBF with a sterile cover, but I just found it easier to use a bunch of pillows. We had a lot of bags and I didn't want additional items filling up our room and car.
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  • I brought mine and did use it, but I didn't really NEED it. Especially after a C section for me, I wasn't up to nursing in a chair very often, so when I was in bed I just used pillows for nursing. It was nice to have it when my LC was helping me with tandem nursing so I could feel like this was how it would be at home with the pillow, but other than that I could've gotten by without it.
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  • Thank you for your replies. Sounds like I can leave it at home. :-)
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  • Definitely take it. It was one of the ONLY things I brought to the hospital that I actually used extensively. I think I have used it for every single feeding since the moment I was allowed to sit up - I even used it for bottle feeding my boy twin in the first few weeks, just because it makes it so much easier to hold them.

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  • I brought mine and used it. I was glad I brought it so I could practice tandem nursing with help from the LCs.

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