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We have our ADOS follow up on the 7th. The therapist who administered the test stated they would have their determination of diagnosis or lack there of on that day. I had assumed it would be an adult only appointment but when I called and asked the receptionist she said LO needed to be present. Is this common? If they are going to hand us a diagnosis and a suggestion of therapies I'd like to not be trying to entertain an anxious 2 year old, and give my full attention and immediate questions to the physician. DH will be present but I'd like his full attention as well. Just curious... If anyone else has experience with this please share.

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    We had an initial eval and a second opinion, both with follow up visits a week later to discuss findings and Dx. One follow up was adults only and at the other they requested he be present. If you're going through one of the Children's hospitals, my experience is that they typically want the kiddo in the room. 
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  • Thank you typeset, we are going through Cincinnati children's. it's a 2 hour drive and I hate to have to bring her with us for what I imagine will be a very emotional meeting, but I guess if that's what they want then we will. Is there any real reason for this or just preference?
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  • They put in the order for genetic screening at our Children's follow up, so we needed him on hand for bloodwork. If it's a developmental pediatrician or physician you'll continue to see, it might be worth your while to have him or her spend as much time as possible around your daughter.  
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