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IMMS Monday

Thought I'd start this off today!

DS is really into books lately. He has started picking up his favorite books and walking them over to me so I can read to him. He does this all by himself! It is so cute.

His two favorites are Brown Bear and Where's Spot? I've pretty much got them memorized. :)

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Re: IMMS Monday

  • DS has suddenly developed a strong attachment to his lovey, Sleepy Bunny. He calls it Nuh-nuh. He's had it since birth, but just the past week it has become his best buddy.

    He's also still obsessed with animals. We were in Target yesterday buying dog food, when I realized he was having a happy freak-out in the buggy. I looked up and realized almost every package in that aisle had a picture of a dog on it. He was in heaven!


  • speer06 said:

    DD's favorite book is Hands Hands Finger Thumb. She does the same thing.

    It's cute now but probably not so much in a few months:  she follows the dogs and sometimes DH around pointing her finger saying 'no no no'.
    I'll have to look for that book. I need new material! Lol
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  • Same thing over here... My sweet pea is walking over to us with her favorite book which is Llama Llama Zippity Zoom and yup... Hubby and I both have it memorized :) She's been really interested in books lately....  It was like one day she woke up and was intrigued by them :)

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  • We're loving Pete the Cat these days. I need to go order some of the new ones.


  • DD saw a dog food ad on TV and said roof, roof :)
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  • James has started screeching. So much that FI is calling him Jamesasaurus and I'm calling him Screecher. It's cute because while he's doing it he has his arms stretched behind him and running around in a circle. Of course, if he does it when bubby is finally taking a nap and wakes him up I'm not so happy about it but since Alexander doesn't nap very often doesn't happen alot.
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  • This is my son every evening during dinner prep time. Tec the Tractor comes on and he grabs one of his tractors and climbs up into the big papa chair. His daddy is a farmer and I'm beginning to think it's in their blood.
  • DawnLilly, your DS is adorable!
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