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Maternity Clothes Sizing

Happy Monday Ladies!

So I am 18 weeks now.  Last week, I was wearing all my normal size 2 clothes. Something happened between Wednesday and today and I have a real bump and can no longer fit into my clothes! 

I want to order some shirts and dresses (for work) off of Zulily.  How long with smalls fit me? Should I just bypass and get mediums?  I don't want to buy 3 times!


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Re: Maternity Clothes Sizing

  • It really depends on a lot of things. I started out wearing small maternity clothes and then at the end even xl was too small because it wasn't long enough. I made it to 38 weeks. Honestly, I am a sahm and I went and bought some giant pajama dresses and wore them with under belly leggings.

    I would definitely buy anything you buy on the bigger side just to be safe. :)
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  • I'd buy on the bigger size and make sure they are long if you want them to last all pregnancy. I have a few tops I can't wear anymore. The best tops for me have been the tank tops and t-shirts from motherhood. I know... Not very exciting or pretty. I'm looking forward to fitting back into my regular clothing. A petite friend of mine did well with just buying regular clothing in larger sizes rather than maternity clothes. That wouldn't have worked for me. But, you sound petite so it might. Also, I heard ordering things from zulily take forever to arrive. I've debated on ordering from them but haven't yet due to this.
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  • I am plus size. so i started with 1x, which was me pre pg size. i wore maternity clothes early on. about 22 weeks i had to go up to 2x which i stayed in for the remainder. i was 35w6d at delivery. i could have bought one more size up, but i refused to do that based on the expense and the fact i was only allowed to go to the doctors and that's it.

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  • When I started buying maternity clothes, I did A LOT of buying online and returning before I found things that fit correctly.  I was a size 4ish on top and 6ish pants to start.  The sizes of maternity clothes seemed to run all over the place.  I wouldn't buy anytyhing online that is not returnable. I ordered so many things online from different stores and was disappointed in many of them when they arrived, or they just didn't fit right.  Its much harder than buying clothes for your pre-pregnant body.  Things that I thought I would love, I hated once I got on and other things that didn't look great on the rack, looked much better on. 


    I wouldn't buy too much to start out becuase your body will keep changing every month and everyone's body changes in a different way. Things that looked great when I started buying clothes now are too tight or uncomfortable to wear and I had to buy a whole new bunch of stuff recently to get me through the last tri. I wish I had held off on some items until later becuase I didn't get a lot of wear out of some of the pieces. So, for me, my hips expanded a lot - I've outgrown all the maternity pants I bought at the beginning and a couple skirts - so I  now need larges  (I started off in smalls).  My belly is huge, but, my boobs just have not grown as much as most people's do and am still in small sized maternity shirts (I'm 27 weeks). I had a really hard time finding shirts because even the small sizes gape up top on me.  I usually have to wear tank tops underneath because my girls just do not fill out even the small maternity shirts.  But other people I've known had much different growth patterns during pregnancy. 


    Good luck!


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