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Maternity Stores in/near Indy

Has anyone found any good maternity stores around Indy?  I feel like Target has some good stuff, but the Destination Maternity (I think that's what it is) there in Keystone by Nordstrom stressed me out - it was so dark and disorganized!  Just wondering what others have found around town.  I'm just entering the 2nd trimester and fewer and fewer things are fitting Embarrassed

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    JC Penney used to have a small maternity section (their brand is called Duo), but since they got a makeover I don't know if it's in store anymore.  I also think Macy's and Sears have little maternity sections too.  Some Old Navy stores (the one in Greenwood and in Avon) have maternity, and there's a Motherhood Maternity in Avon as well.

    Also - there's always consignment!  Just Google to see what kinds of consignment stores are around your area.  There's an enormous consignment sale (called Just Between Friends) happening in Noblesville August 7-10 and you could probably score some maternity (and baby) stuff there.

     Hope this helps! 

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  • Isn't there a maternity section in the Gap at keystone.... Or am I dreaming?
  • I got lots of stuff at The Next Step which is a resale/consignment store in Broad Ripple that has both maternity and kids clothes. They have a decent selection and prices - I ended up going back three or four times while I was pregnant and found several things each time.

    I also got some stuff on e-bay once I figured out what size I was in the various brands. It's a little risky, but was worth it to me to pay so much less for something I only wore for a few months. 

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  • Babies R Us now has a much larger maternity selection available, where they used to have the photo centers.  My wife used Motherhood Maternity a great deal as well, the one in Plainfield by Metropolis, but I think it may have disappeared.
  • There is a motherhood maternity in greenwood. Oh and JC Penny used to have a maternity section but they no longer do. I think they still offer maternity online though.
  • Hi, I also got almost all of my maternity clothes at the Next Step too.. also a quite a few belly bands, bras, books and maternity body pillows. Honestly, I had never shopped consignment before and was a little skeptical-but then figured that hey we only wear these clothes for a few months! I couldn't believe the $$ difference. Jeans I looked at and wanted from $70-$100 were like under $25 and looked like they were never worn. They had a really big selection.  Here's their FB page 

    I heard a few months ago that the maternity section was out of the GAP store in Keystone which is a shame because GAP was probably my favorite brand to wear though... I did order some things online, but felt like they never really fit right and ended up sending a few back. I hated not being able to try it on first. ugh. I also had a little success with the Motherhood outlet in Edinburgh- but barely had time to make the hour drive there and back more than just once.

    Good Luck!
  • Yep, the Gap maternity section at Keystone is no more. It's a bummer because they always had cute stuff! The Old Navy at Trader's Point has some maternity stuff, I think. And I think the ON at Clay Terrace does, too.
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