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Concerned First Time Pregnancy

Ok so I'm 9weeks nd 2days and earlier today I was laying on the couch on my back and my younger sister sat my 7month old step son directly on my stomach and it hurted really bad! Ever since then my stomach has been feeling a little weird so I'm wondering if I should go to the hospital. Is my baby too small to be hurt by a 20pound 7month old?? Or should I go to the ER??

Re: Concerned First Time Pregnancy

  • Are you serious?  No, there is no issue here.

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  • Your baby is still sitting in your pelvic region so you're fine.

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  • Nah. At this stage LO is shielded pretty well by your pelvic bone. I wouldn't put much stock in how your stomach feels, but rather your uterine area. If you feel something like unbearable period cramps, there may be cause for concern; but your stomach? I wouldn't worry.

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