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Postpartum Depression

It's Back....(update)

Ok so.....had my daughter :) She is perfect in every way. The birth was fine, the recovery was a little more painful than I last remembered, and my SO/Baby Dad was even there for everything....

Now I'm home....Alone....Everyday with the baby.... SO doesn't live with me. In fact he lives 3 hours away (work) and I cry myself to sleep everynight. The only time we really talk is on the phone and 85% of the time it's argueing. I get no help with the baby. I have no family up here and all my friends just had babies too.... I really need my SO to come back up here to help with both our kids but he says he cant right now because he has no job or a place to stay up when he knows he can stay with me but he refuses and says he needs to save up money (I live with my mom until august to help heal) But so far hes had about 3 paydays and claims hes making all this money but complains to me about how he'll only have maybe 100 left after bills (he only has a phone bill).....I can tell my PPD is setting back in...and i hate it. I even decided to stop pumping because I was so stressed everytime I started to pump I'd break down and cry..... I dont know what to do.... I go to a therapist and everything....I just need help that I know I cant ever get...


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Re: It's Back....(update)

  • I understand what you're going through! I haven't been diagnosed with PPD yet, but just discovered an hour ago that I have EVERY symptom. I am already going to a counselor for my anxiety and marriage and plan to bring it up at my next session. I wish men understood how women's minds worked and were there for us religiously, not just when it's convenient to them. Until I have better knowledge on how to deal with PPD all I can say is, you're not alone in your struggles, you did nothing wrong to get this way and don't deserve to feel this way! Be the best mom you can be and saturate those babies with all the love you've got! If you can control one thing in your life, it's the love and care you show for your children. Keep telling yourself you're worth it and you are a great mom! I'll be praying for you, sometimes that's all we have and sometimes that's all it takes.
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  • I'm sorry your going through this. I know its hard but try to remember its gets easier. A naturopath really helped me. I went on very high quality vitamins and it made a world of difference for me.
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  • whenever you're feeling overwhelmed take a 10 second break, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth count slowly to ten. while you're doing this just keep telling yourself "its okay, i can do this". its hard no lie but sometimes when i'm up to my nose in panic this little ritual helps me get my head back on straight. hope it helps :-)
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