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Brag Day Wednesday!

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Re: Brag Day Wednesday!

  • DD managed last week to learn how to sit up from a laying down position... This week she learned how to lay back down! She spent 2 hours in bed one night popping up and laying back down. In the mornings when she sits herself up, she will now clap for herself.

    Over the weekend she learned how to blow bubbles in a pool

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  • I love it when they clap!

    DS will sit on the potty and pee for bubbles. He claps for himself and runs upstairs to put an underwear on.
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  • DD actually hears me call her name or just recognizes my voice right away now when I pick her up from daycare. She gets so excited and comes running.

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  • DD1 is at her first full-day camp this week, through the local YMCA. It's kind of hard to tell how it's going, she's not the most reliable reporter on whether someone is really a friend or just a name she remembers, or if the kids are nice or mean. But it did spark a good conversation about the golden rule and thinking about how other people would like to be treated, and she'd been excited about getting to go bowling and swimming and rollerskating. 

    When I picked her up today she was running around with all the boys playing some sort of tagging game. It was nice to see. 

    She's also been asking excellent questions lately -- like where I'm going to live when I get old, lol. 

    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
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