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Hey ladies!
I have twin boys who are nonverbal and autistic. By non verbal I mean they don't speak using clear words or sentences, a lot of sing song vocals and what not
Anyways, I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and very nervous about the future. Sometimes I fear that this baby will end up autistic also..
Is this a fear any other moms have? Or am I just being overly worried?

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  • Hi and welcome. 

    Yes, it's a very real fear and one that we frequently discuss on here, the pros and cons of trying again when you already have one or more kids with SN. And one with a good bit of reason behind it. IIRC, studies have shown that once you have a child on the spectrum, you have between like a 15-20% chance of having another. Auntie probably has more precise stats. 

    It's one of the main reasons we're not having any more kids. We got DD1's dx when DD2 was one year old, so we already had two at that point and we didn't have to make that very tough call of whether to try again knowing that we had more chance than other people to have another child with SN. I am terrified of having another child with ASD and I would spend the entire pregnancy obsessing, I know. 

    That said, my DD2 is neurotypical -- even with an increased risk, the odds are still in your favor of having a healthy baby! 


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  • Hi and welcome!

    This fear is all in the back of my mind of having another child on spectrum. It comes to haunt me when there are pregnant women and babies around me.

    I just want one more and DH does not want any more babies. His reasoning is because of DS's delays and we can't afford it financially. I am sure my reasoning aligns with DH. I am not sure I would be able to handle double therapies for 2 of my own children. I am barely handling one child with 5-6 hours a week.

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  • Hi and congrats!

    I have ID twins also diagnosed with ASD.
    My DH and I would love to have another child but decided that we are ok with two, mainly because we couldn't see how we survive having another SN child.

    Best of luck!
  • Welcome!
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