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I would appreciate any advice you can offer. My son just turned three in early June. He has flat feet and low muscle tone throughout whole body. He is also speech delayed. We just went through the evaluation process through the school system. He starts preschool in September. My son does go to private physical therapy already. The occupational therapist from school says she has noticed he holds things in his left hand. She felt these reflexes are influencing him but not controlling him. I looked on google for some information on these reflexes and found it can be tied to cerebral palsy. When I brought this up in a conversation, she said she wouldn't offer any diagnosis but asked if we planned to see a geneticist. She also said he has some vestibular issues.
Also, the physical therapist from school kept telling me that her report will be educationally based. The school didn't accept the report from private PT because it wasn't "educationally based". Any ideas about what educationally based means?
I did ask her and she said, "well he can walk and go up stairs. I think I may see him once a week for a twenty minute session, mainly because he falls a lot". So, I have one report that says he has severe low muscle tone and extensively discusses the reflex issues, and vestibular issues. The school PT said she wants to see him in a classroom setting so I won't see her report until the second week of September.
I just feel so unsettled. Could it be cerebral palsy? What kind of things do I need to ask about educationally based PT? Have you heard that term before? Any experience with these reflexes? Please help! Thanks!

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  • Auntie, thank you so much for replying! I always find your responses so thoughtful and informative. He has been seen by a physiatrist which was recommended by early intervention. We have an appointment in November the earliest I could get with a neurodevelopmental pediatrician.
    I understand what you wrote about school based PT. at the evaluation, it just seemed like she barely assessed him. She watched him walk down the hallway and go up steps. Then she watched him try to go in a little car that you move with your feet. He could barely get in car. Then he ciukd onky make it go backwards. going forwards was huge challenge.She wanted him to go on a tricycle but he wouldn't. he has only gotten on one once at home. She asked him to walk on a balance beam with support. He crawled through a tunnel very slowly. She wanted him to go in a barrel but he wouldn't. She had him sit on a scooter and scoot around room. That was it. She didn't ask him to jump, which he can barely do. She didn't put him on any playground equipment. I guess I don't know what she shoukd go. Perhaps it is sufficient. I was just put off by her statement that he only really needs to walk and go up steps. I just feel that he needs some help.
    Thanks for listening. I truly appreciate it.
  • Also, he will be in a public preschool integrated class. Thanks!
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