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Sunscreen Question

We are using Aveeno Baby 55 spf sunscreen.  We were outside in the pool for 2 hours yesterday and I applied the sunscreen twice. It works great on DD1 who has very pale skin, but DD2 who has my olive complexion is tanning even with the sunscreen.  Do I need to worry about this?  Is there another sunscreen you would recommend?
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Re: Sunscreen Question

  • I'm expecting my first child so I don't have any personal sunscreen worries yet. But I do nanny for two toddler aged kids so this is where I'm getting my opinions from :).

     The kids that I watch have very similar complexions to what you just described. The oldest has somewhat olive skin (their mom's ancestors came from Sicily) and the youngest has very pale skin (seriously, straight up Scandinavian).  Their parents and I use Aveeno Baby 55 on both of them and their parents don't seem to be concerned about light tanning with the oldest. The dad is a pediatric nurse anesthetist and the mom is a trauma nurse so based on that I think some light tanning is just fine.

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  • My 8 month old has my darker complexion and he has a slight tan even though he has on Banana Boat Baby SPF 50 everyday. I wpuldnt worry about it.
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  • This is a great resource for safe and effective subscreens as well as ones not to use.  We use Blue Lizard and it works amazingly well!
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