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2 yr Appt

So we had Ks appointment yesterday. All was well but the Dr want us to keep her on whole milk for another year!  She isn't underweight or anything but the Dr. said that she needs the extra fat for brain development.  Anyone else have there appt yet and get this answer?

The only other thing we need to do is get rid of the sippys and change to something more like the growup cup and have her start using real cups more.  The Dr. thinks this will help alleviate her ear infections.

 Hope everyone is having a good Friday!  I"m leaving work early to get ready for Ks bday party tomorrow!  

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Re: 2 yr Appt

  • My doctor asked if she was drinking milk, but not what type of milk. 

    Sorry, wish I could be more help 


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  • I haven't had her 2 year old appointment yet, but whole milk for another year really couldn't hurt her. 

    I love the fact that my daughter can drink from a normal cup, it makes going out or being at friends houses much easier!  



  • Our pedi said Whole milk was still fine for that exact reason. He said sippys were ok too, but Nick likes straw cups so he uses that , but he does like his sippy cup if that's an option. He also like drinking from bottled water or my sports water bottles.
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  • We don't go for our 2 year check until Wednesday; but I've never heard this before. C has been drinking a mixture of Whole and lighter varieties for the last month. 



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