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Getting Started

My son is 2y 4m old. He really has no interest in the potty exeptt to read this book we have that he loves. I'm feeling like we need to start trying soon before it turns into a battle of the wills issue. Anyone have any suggestions? Good books for my husband and I to read? Methods? I'm a working mom too, so that makes it more difficult. My son goes to daycare twice a week. 

Thanks! :) 

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  • I'd consider waiting until he's closer to 3, since he has no interest and is a boy. I just PT'd my DD who is 2y 2mo but I didn't PT my son until he was 2y10mo and I'd always heard that in general, boys are better off doing it a little later. I've learned that doing it on my timetable can backfire and make it more of a battle. Just a thought.
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  •  i would instead recomend you to start introducing the potty, and playing games, and reading stories about potty training....also, i also dowloaded a great potty training app called potty training learning with the animals.......then after months of theory,,start the process...that will definitelly make it succesfull and easily!
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