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Overnight diapers

Any recommendations for overnight diapers that won't leak?

Re: Overnight diapers

  • They say Huggies Overnights are great. We've never tried them.

    We use Pampers, and we double diaper at night (meaning one on correct, and another on backwards). Seems to work 95% of the time.

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  • We use pampers baby dry at night and they seem to hold up very well.

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  • We use Pampers Extra Protection. Love them!
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  • We use the cruisers all the time because LO is so antsy haha she is always moving even at night!


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  • We use huggies overnights in a size up.  works great!
  • We use cloth and have never had a leak. When I traveled I used Pampers overnight and they worked well. I always put a cloth cover over top though just in case so his pajamas and sheets didn't get wet even if it did...
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    I used the Huggies overnights with my DD. Worked great- no complaints. I haven't had to use them yet with DS- the Pampers swaddlers do the job for right now.
  • Pampers Baby Dry did not work for us, we haven't had a leak with Huggies Overnights

  • We use the Huggies Overnights and have had no problems.  LO typically can go 11 hours without leaking at night.

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  • image akaoct2005:
    We use huggies overnights in a size up.  works great!


    us too! Pampers baby dry didn't work at night for us 

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