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Postpartum Depression

OB wants to put me on Zoloft at 36 weeks

Good evening,

I had my 30 week appointment this week and I was discussing my fear of getting PPD with my OB. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for many, many years (like since the 4th grade). I also have a strong family history of depression esp. with my bipolar father. I have been  on Welbutrin XL for the majority of the last 10 years and have found it to be extremely helpful.

When I got pregnant, I went off Welbutrin at my doctor's suggestion and tried Zoloft. It was during my first trimester, obviously, and the Zoloft made me feel even worse, so I didn't continue taking it. And for the most part, I've felt pretty good throughout my pregnancy.

So, at the appointment this week, the OB expressed her concern and explained that I'm very high risk for getting PPD. She suggests I go back on Zoloft at 36 weeks so that it's in my system for awhile before I have the baby.  

I know that I need to research this more and reach out to my GP, but I was wondering if any of you had heard of OB's suggesting this before? Or if perhaps you did or did not go this route?


Re: OB wants to put me on Zoloft at 36 weeks

  • I am currently on prozac as prescribed by my doctor and my baby doctor has had to adjust the dose a few times . You might want to see if you could try another type of antidepressant if Zoloft make you feel worse . I had a allergic reaction to zoloft  
  • Its such a double edged sword. You may get ppd, you may not. It would suck to take meds you don't have to but in my opinion for myself it would suck even more to wait till symptoms arise and spend the first few months of your babies life trying to have the meds take effect. I also agree with PP. My ob tried pitting me on zoloft twice after I had a bad reaction to it. They always say zoloft because its the most studied. Discuss going back on your regular med. I've spoken with lots of otjer moms on other forums that took welvutrin while pregnant. Not saying its good but if you startat 36 weeks the risks are very small. Just don't take a med you don't like.
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  • I had ppd with ds1. When I gave birth to ds2, I went back on meds right away. With ds3 I decided not to do that, to just see how it went. Big mistake. Within a week I was a complete mess. Went back on meds and doing good now.

    I was on Zoloft before but didn't like some side effects. This time am on Lexapro and it is working well. M
    aybe that's an option for you?
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  • Had PPD after my last baby for a few months. I was on the generic of Zoloft. planning to ask the OB about going on it beforehand to avoid the "drop" in my sleep deprived and emotional state. 

    Yes it's not the first time I've heard of this suggestion. My friend also does it.


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