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Snacks/Gift Ideas - Fellow MoM

Good Morning Ladies!

A co-worker of mine's wife delivered g/g twins on Monday evening via C-section and I thought about how much I loved when friends and family brought over food/snacks.

Any ideas on what would be a good idea to send home with my co-worker?  I don't think a meal makes sense as it would have to sit in the office all day but I was thinking maybe some quick grab-and-go snacks.

Thoughts on making a trail mix for her?  Any recipes for a good 'post partum' trail mix?  I was thinking of mixing it and puting it in a glass cannister with a pink ribbon.

Also, I wanted to send a few different items but am stumped as to what she might really want/need right now (sad as I just got out of it!). 

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Re: Snacks/Gift Ideas - Fellow MoM

  • A good water bottle (or 2 so she can keep one cooling in the fridge at all times).  I like this one because it is spill proof and one handed to drink:

    Lactation cookies if she is nursing, so yummy and helps keep up her supply: (I double the chocolate chips and eliminate the nuts)

    A gift card to the local pizza/chinese delivery joint




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  • I like the trail mix idea.  Granola bars are always good because you can grab and eat them quickly.  I like the idea of a pizza gift card.  I always love getting homemade chocolate chip cookies.
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  • cadencaden
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    Someone sent me a basket of baked goods (danishes and stuff) and it was awesome to have something easy to eat in the morning b/c that was such a hectic time and I would never have made myself breakfast.
  • For needed items, its hard to go wrong with wipes, diapers, or chocolates. : Aside from that, maybe gift cards to their favorite take out or delivery place or, if she's the type who'd really appreciate it, a spa gift card for when she's recovered and needs mommy alone time.
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