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Breakfast help?

Dd is 10 months and is eating soft table foods. She is allergic to oatmeal and wheat. I have been giving her a banana for breakfast. Everyday. For weeks.

What else can I offer her? I send her breakfast to daycare so it needs to be simple to serve or heat quickly. She is also allergic to berries. She feeds herself.

Any suggestions? Tia!

Re: Breakfast help?

  • Quinoa or brown rice cereal (before cooking, toast it, then grind in food processor, then it cooks quickly with boiling water; works with other grains such as barley)
    Sliced/cubed avocado
    Coconut yogurt
    Over ripe (or frozen/defrosted) peaches or mango
    Steamed, cubed apples w/o skin
    Scrambled egg, pre-cooked and chilled
    What about atypical breakfast foods (overcooked rice pasta, cooked pieces of chicken, chunks of steamed carrots/sweet potatoes/broccoli/etc., black beans)?

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  • Applesauce, avocado, yogurt, scrambled eggs (maybe with cheese), and gluten free waffles (can she have them?) come to mind.  I also love making mini egg omelet muffins (eggs, cheese, spinach, other random veggies - mix together and put in mini muffin tin and bake till set).  
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  • It kinda stinks but in a way it is a good thing as cereal is not a good food for LOs.

    I would send scrambled eggs, avocado, yogurt and fruit, grain-free pancakes. (in case you are interested here is my recipe for grain-free pancakes. DS loves them and with the proportions it is enough to make ahead and freeze to have ready when my mom watches him some mornings.)

  • Brown rice farina, eggs, avocado, congee with a little chicken and butter mixed in.
  • I use these in my rotation (all are soaked in warm water overnight with 1 teaspoon kefir):

    Amaranth, millet, quinoa, brown rice flakes

    I cook them in the morning and add any fruit I have from the CSA. Sometimes I even add carrots with the fruit. If you are using quinoa, overcook it so it's very soft. Directions say 15 minutes, I do 40 and it's very mushy. 

    Another idea I did over the winter was a baked sweet potato with GF granola on top. DS loves it.

    And of course can't go wrong with eggs, although I prefer to give my kids eggs for lunch or dinner because they are so good! 

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