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Southern Indiana here New to group!

My name is Michelle and I live I southern IndianaEvansville. I'm married and have three children 5 months 1 month adjusted, 7 yrs 14 yrs. my recent DD is a micropreemie born Jan. 5th 2013 actual due date was May 2nd. Kaitlyn is my miracle! I just wanted to introduce myself and hope to get to know you ladies better!
Anyone else in my area? Take care!


Re: Southern Indiana here New to group!

  • I just wanted to say welcome!  That's so amazing that your DD made it!!!  I hope she's doing well!
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  • I'm in Indy, but wanted to say hello and welcome! Your daughter is truly a miracle - how awesome : )
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  • Hi!

    I went to college&lived in Evansville for 5 years.  The in laws live there and we visit frequently, and go for shopping etc.  In fact, we were there the last 2 weekends.  We now live about an hour north of there.

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