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DD traveling with grandparents

What if any documents do I need to send with them? They will have a copy of her BC for the plane, do I need to send copies of my insurance cards? Any other things that they might need in case of an emergency?

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  • I would send a copy of your insurance car and maybe a letter stating that you give consent them to seek medical attention for her. I'm not sure what the laws are like for consent to treat a minor, but a letter of consent has been suggested to us when we've left DD1 with my parents.
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    We just took my nephew on vacation with us and got a letter from my sister stating we had authorization to seek medical treatment and take him with us on the plane.  She gave me his medical insurance card too.
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  • I'd call the airline and ask if they need any sort of documentation.

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    They aren't leaving the country, but I never would have thought to write a letter giving permission to take her on the plane. Thanks, Ladies!
  • A notirized letter giving permission for them to have her treated at a hospital ER or by any doctor and all medical cards and birth certificate and if she has a passport, a copy of that as well (depending on where traveling).
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