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High risk chance of Down syndrome

I am 12 weeks this week and had my ultrasound test done.. Today my nurse called me and the first thing she said was " you tests and ultrasounds came back normal and everything looks good. However, you are at a high risk chance of ur baby having Down syndrome... I will love my baby regardless of what .. This is my first pregnancy to go past 6 weeks successfully and I am so worried. They want me to see a specialist and go from there... Did any of you ladies have to go through this? If so, I could use some advice ... Please no rude comments..

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    No she didn't. I have to go in to do more tests. Both sides of our family doesn't have the history of it.. I will love my baby no matter what, Im just nervous as to what the next steps are since this is my first time
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    I was also told this and then later was informed that our dates were off and they needed to redo the test the following week.  The results were off because the test has to be done during a specific time frame.  We opted out of retesting...it made me realize that I truly didn't care; I would have the baby regardless and love it just the same.  Good luck and try to stay calm.  Follow up with the doctor and try to find out some more information.   
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  • I have no experience on this subject but I am glad to hear that you are being positive about this. Good luck. And I am appauled that you feel the need to have to ask for no rude comments. Some people on here...
  • I used to work in a lab so I can tell you the downs test is really a mathmatical algorithm that's calculated based on several factors (weight, race, your age, family history) So it's really just a statistical guess based on past patients with these factors. We got positives all the time, and a positive is any risk higher than 1 in 250 chance. So you could be 'positive' but really it's just saying you have a 1 chance in 200 hundred of having this. Until/unless they actually find physical signs in a later ultrasound, try to stay positive and remember it is just statistics. They give you the counseling based on the numbers. GL!
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  • just try to stay positive, do the testing and ask your doctor as many questions as you can. good luck! i hope you have a healthy and happy baby! (which you more than likely do!)
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  • This is why I refuse to do any of those tests. I figure it just causes unnecessary worry and stress. The initial tests only tell you your risk, no guarantee either way. You can have further tests done to see for sure, but there is a risk for miscarriage with these tests. A family friend of mine had a miscarriage after having Amniocentesis done. There's only a 1 in 200 chance for miscarriage but that's not a risk I see worth taking. 

    I can't know if my baby will come out premature, or whether she will get pneumonia and have to be in the hospital for weeks, or if she'll develop autism. There are so many unknowns with kids that we could stress about. I don't need to know if my baby has down syndrome before she comes out. I can cross that bridge if it gets here. I will prepare best I can for whatever may come, and pray for a healthy happy baby. 

     I hope you can find peace and calm in this stressful time whether you decide to get more testing done or not. You should do what would most make you at peace.

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