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My twins are here!

Hi ladies!

My twins were born last Wednesday 5/22 via C-section at 36w3d. Preston Erik weighed 6lb 12oz,19" long and Juliet Tessa weighed 5lbs even 19" long. They were born at 10:43 and 10:44 am.

They were born breathing great and didn't need any NICU time. They were monitored in the regular nursery for a while to check blood sugars because I'm type 1 diabetic. They started rooming in with us on night 2, more due to my complications.

I had a repeat C-section, but I needed staples because I had a large amount of scar tissue from my first and they wanted the incision to be able to breathe more than the adhesive stitches would have allowed. I had a lot of blood loss. I have had high BP issues off and on since the beginning of third tri and I developed pre-e (looks like that day or even after delivery) which was caught in the recovery room and I had to be put on magnesium for 24 hours and couldn't get out of bed, but I got lucky and was one that was not really affected by it- I have heard so many awful stories about it!

I also apparently developed an iguinal (sp) hernia during pregnancy so I have to have a CT scan in a couple weeks to see if I have to have surgery for it.

My DH has been really awesome, which is good because we went home on Sunday and it has been challenging. We had one that was really gassy and up all night and kept bothering the other. I have been trying to breastfeed, but Juliet latches and Preston doesn't, so I've also been pumping and supplementing with formula.

Here are a few pictures: ( I have no idea why they duplicate post)

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T1 diabetes diagnosed 11/95 due to severe pancreatic injury
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Pleural effusion, Kidney Failure
BFP 2 4/26/12 EDD 1/3/13 M/C 5/13/12
BFP 3 10/3/12 EDD 6/17/13 Twins! Preston and Juliet b. 5/22/13






Re: My twins are here!

  • Congratulations! They are beautiful babies!
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  • ceechieceechie
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    Gorgeous babies! They look so perfect! Congrats!
  • They are beautiful! Congrats!
  • Congratulations!! They are so beautiful! :) I hope you are starting to feel better....take it as easy as possible! :)
  • Precious! Congratulations! 
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  • They are gorgeous!  Sorry to hear of the complications, but glad they came home with you!
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  • How beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Aww congrats! Love the names. My name is Juliet. :
  • Congrats!!!!! They are precious! Glad you and the twins are doing well!
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  • So many congratulations!  They are adorable!
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  • NikkdamNikkdam
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    What beautiful babies! Congrats!!
  • They are so cute! Congrats! :) 
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  • Congratulations! They're beautiful. I hope your recovery begins to go more smoothly!
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  • Gorgeous twins! You are blessed! :)

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  • Congrats! Beautiful babies
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  • So cute!!  Congrats!!  
  • They are beautiful!! Congratulations!!
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  • Congratulations!

  • Congrats! 2 beautiful babies! Hope youre feeling better and have been able to rest. PS. The duplicate pics is because they are twins. Haha. Multiples board, multiples pictures... ::mobile smiley::
  • So exciting! Congrats!!!!! 
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  • Congrats!! Beautiful twins!
  • Awh, congrats!!! They are so precious!
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