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Buddha Belly

Hey ladies

DD turned one almost a month ago and we've had her on OWCM ever since.  However, i've noticed that after she drinks an 8oz bottle her belly is HUGE.  and firm.  anyone else's LO get like this?  i just am afraid of any diary intolerance.  her belly used to expand after a bottle too but i feel like it's huge!  LOL even DH is like, whoa.  i'm worried she might have diary intolerance or something???  am i being crazy?


Re: Buddha Belly

  • It's called a toddler belly. If she has no symptoms, then the size of belly is not a sign of problems. K is over 80% for height and only 60% for weight and her belly is big and round like a ball. Their abdominal muscles are not mature yet so they don't hold everything in there quite as nicely as in adults. This is perfectly normal and diminishes by 3 years of age. 
  • If it's a lot, and firm, and she passes gas more, she may well have some degree of lactose intolerance.  It's genetic, and not a big deal (as in, it won't cause damage to her body, but can be uncomfortable).  She might just need more time to acclimate to the lactose, especially if she was on a formula that used a simple sugar source that wasn't lactose.  Or she might need lactose free milk.  And all of that is IF she has a lactose intolerance.

    Talk to your doc about it.

    (BTW, lactose intolerance is different from a dairy allergy or casein intolerance.  Milk has two primary components when it comes to intolerance issues - lactose, which is the milk sugar which requires our bodies to produce the enzyme lactase to break it down, and casein, which is the milk protein which - for some people - can either cause an allergic reaction or a more subtle set of symptoms associated with intolerance and possibly other aspects of the immune system.  It's very important to know which one you are dealing with IF you are dealing with one.)

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    Like a few PP's said, my kid's belly also gets buddha-ish after any meal.  I think it's normal, and as long as it doesn't seem to be causing any pain or an extraordinary amount of gassiness, she's probably fine.  Maybe mention it at your next Dr appointment, just to make sure, though.
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  • thanks ladies!  lol i had no idea this was normal-ish for someone her age!  i will keep an eye on her and if she is acting uncomfortable i will def take her in!

    thanks again! 

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