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Aden and anais

So I went and bought a set of the bamboo swaddle blankets yesterday for my 5 week old DS after hearing so many good things about them. DS really loves them and is so cozy when he's wrapped up and slept really good last night. Today while trying to rescue one from my 3 year old who was trying to turn it into a cat toy I snagged it on my wedding ring. I was so upset that I seriously wanted to cry... I mean these things aren't cheap! Has anyone else had a snagging issue with them and were you able to repair it some and/or keep the snag from spreading? I wanted to get more but they are so delicate that I don't want to spend money on something that won't last.

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  • ohlordyohlordy member
    I've snagged mine a few times on my wedding ring and even with the snappis for DDs cloth diaper, but the snag never spread and I never bothered to repair. They've held up in the wash quite well. I love these blankets, too! When DD had to go to the ER, I was using them to cover us up while we napped waiting for a room and they kept both of us warm in the chilly hospital. 
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  • Unfortunately they do snag very easily.  I haven't had any of the snags continue to spread though so I just leave them be.  Honestly, I do not even see them.  
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