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Intro to austin babies

Hey guys! I do not have a baby yet, but DH and I have been TTC for about four years. I have lots of endocrine issues including acromegaly. I am new to this board but an active member of getting pregnant on the nest.

I live in N. austin between RR and pville and would love to meet new people. My BFF moved to OKC and my other one is still dating, not ready to get married or start a family etc...and I would just like to meet new people with common interest.

If anyone wants to talk or needs help with anything austin related let me know. I don't even know if an intro on this board is needed or even appropriate, so if I am stepping out of line, let me know.

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    This board used to be so busy but during the last board changes everyone migrated to another board.  I really hope this board can get active again.

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  • I hope to see this board active as well! FTM in A-town, but I've lived here for about 15 years. I live South but would love to meet up anywhere Central. Good luck to all future Keepin' it Weird Babies!!!
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  • I am currently pregnant (18 weeks), and I completely understand wanting to meet new people, my best friend is still all about going out and I am married and pregnant so I think I need to widen my friend pool lol.
  • Hey, I'm in North Austin too. I had a fantastic dr experience if you are interested in a referral.

    Austin Fertility Institute w/ Dr Moghaddam
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