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HELP!! Flea bites or Chicken Pox??

My dog has fleas.  We've been doing everything we can to get rid of them (medicine, flea baths, vaccumming, etc) and I thought we were making good progress.  I only saw 1 flea yesterday.  Then, my son woke up this morning with bites ALL OVER his body.  I thought they were flea bites, but there are SO many of them.  I'm beginning to wonder if they are chicken pox.

Does this look like chicken pox, or flea bites?  This is his right side.


He has them all over his body, but the majority of them are on his midsection (tummy, sides, and back).  He also has them on his arms and legs, chest, and a few on his face.

Can he get chicken pox, even though he's had the vaccine?

I had an activity planned with him for this afternoon, but now I'm wondering if we should cancel.  This is so frustrating!!

Re: HELP!! Flea bites or Chicken Pox??

  • My daughter woke up with a ton of bites, just like your picture but some were bigger, on her one morning.  It was so bad I thought it was chicken poxs as did my mother, more and more seemed to be appearing.  We took her to the pedi because, while rare, they can get it with the vaccine and the pedi wanted to see her.  The bites were mosquito bites.  Apparently, a mosquito got in her room and she is highly allergic/sensitive to them.  She gets sick from the bites and will run a low-grade fever, which at the time we did not know. 

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    I believe with chicken pox, you also run a fever, have chills, headache, and sore throat.  It also said that child will feel sleepy, not hungry and just plain sick sometime 2-3 days before bumps form. 
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  • Poor guy!!!  Gosh, when we've dealt with chicken pox (my bro and I)-- they started out with just a few on the midsection and then maybe the next day it was like WHAM--but this is super fast to be that bad.  I would call the pedi and have him looked at. 

    I think flea bites are smaller--however if he's allergic, then they would welt up.

  • imagefredalina:
    I don't really remember what chicken pox looked like. Sorry. For fleas, try diatomaceous earth. Put it on the carpet and leave it there as long as possible, then leave it under the furniture forever. It is harmless to people and pets but it's like walking on broken glass for the bugs; it pierces their exoskeletons and they dehydrate and die in a few days. Great for controlling infestations.

     Where can I find diatomaceous earth? 

  • He woke up from his nap a bit ago.  No new spots, and none of the current ones have blistered.  I still don't know what to think!
  • for the fleas - you can also sprinkle baking soda on your carpets...leave it down for a few hours and vaccuum it up - be sure to empty the vaccuum outside or into a sealed bag right after... you can also set up bowls of soapy water with flashlights over it...they go to the light and are stupid and jump right into the water...I was amazed how many we could with this setup. amazon also sells flea traps. it's hard to tell what the welts are from the pic. hope whatever it is, they are gone sooN!
  • FWIW DS has had a bug likely get in his bed and bite him many times. And when I had chicken pox at 18 I did not have a fever or chills and I did not even have a ton of pox considering I was 18 and it was my first time having them.
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  • You have my sympathies! We had a flea problem last year. Whatever you do, do NOT use pesticides or have an exterminator come. I developed an auto immune reaction to the spray and have been battling hives every since. And it DIDN'T get rid of the fleas. Borax powder on your couches and floors and vacuum every day. That does the trick!

    As for the marks, they look like flea bites to me. It looks like there were a few in your DS' bed. It's hard to tell from the picture. Chic pox are little blisters.

    Good luck getting rid of those fleas. I would seriously rather all my children get chicken pox than have fleas again.  

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  • Yes you can still get chicken p after the vaccine but I am curious are they really itchy and in somewhat of lines or tracks? I can't see the photos too well but the first thing that came to mind for me was scabies . Good luck and hope it is all resolved soon!
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