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  • Guess it would help if I answered, right? 

     We didn't really do anything special. DH gave me a book earlier in the week which was my MD gift, "Honest Toddler Guide to Parenting." I have read all but 2 chapters. TOO FUNNY!!!!!

    So, we went to church in the morning, then home (and I read), then to Sams for diapers (yey), then home (I read, lol), then to my parents house for dinner.

     I had taken my mom and grandmother out for breakfast the weekend before. His parents are out of town, so we called his mom.  

  • I'm a FTM so DH made me breakfast in bed, gave me a Nook and made lunch and dinner. He also watched DS most of the day while I read. Pretty relaxing.
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  • My wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law all went to the Chateau Thomas winery for a Mother's Day brunch.  It was the first year they had it, but they all loved it.
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