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Homemade baby wipes?

Sorry if this has been asked before but when I do a search it never works for me.

I was thinking of making some homemade baby wipes with some organic terrycloth or something. Is this a good idea? What do you ladies use?

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Re: Homemade baby wipes?

  • We will be using dispoable wipes initially because we have a lot of them, but when we run out we will be using some cheap cotton baby wash cloths and I will be cutting up some cotton receiving blankets that we don't need. Our LO isn't here yet though, so I don't have any experience with different materials.
  • I used flannel on both sides and zig zag edges

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  • I made homemade flannel wipes & they work well enough for little poos & wiping pee.  My favorites for major poos are actually the thick terrycloth freebies I got with my AppleCheeks.  A close second is my cheap Gerber washcloths that I use as wipes.
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  • I cut up old receiving blankets and sewed the edges.
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  • I love our cheapo babiesrus washcloths. They're textured on one side and smooth on the other.
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  • I use Bummis flannel in my diaper bag, washcloths in the nursery and homemade ones in our room. I cut tshirts with pinking shears (no sewing) and they haven't frayed with 4 months of use. Soft, but with more texture than flannel, I find they work well. 
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  • Thanks everyone. I also noticed there is more info in the FAQ section so I'll go through that as well.
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