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Hey gals! This is my first pregnancy and am wondering if we should pay the price for the newborn photo shoot? I've been looking around for a photographer in the NOVA area and found someone who charges about $245 for her 2 hour session including 35 prints and an online gallery.  Is that reasonable?  Should we even pay for this service though we have a fantastic camera at home?  Just need some help making this decision.  Also, when should we plan do to the shoot? I heard the first 14 days is best..but again I've never done this. Any recommendations and help would be appreciated  

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  • I think it's definitely worth the price! I have a fantastic photographer that did my newborn and 3 month photo shoot. She travels around the metro area and spends a lot of times with you. Her website is You can look at her portfolio. If you want to look at any of the pictures she did for us just pm me and I can send you an email link. Good luck!
  • a nice camera will not get you the kind of images a newborn photographer can get really depends on what you are looking for .....I really regret not having done newborn images with my first 2..... check out comes to your house ...check out her website..
  • GandL09-Would you mind sharing the name of your photographer because that seems like a very reasonable price, from what I have been finding.  Does anyone else have any good recommendations for photographers for maternity/newborn pictures that they would recommend?
  • Hiring someone is the best bet. I can recommend little moon, Christine Paul and Bonnie horseman. They will all be a little higher than 250 tho. Although they provide a full collection of well edited photos. And yes, within the first 2 wks is ideal
  • I used to do newborn photography and it's a lot more than having a nice camera.  I found 6 days to be the perfect age.  I think those are pretty reasonable prices.  I'd usually spend 3 hours with the clients then come back for an ordering session (which usually lasted about 2 hours) where they'd get a slide show and leather bound album of all the images to look through.  My average sales for clients was just at $1000.  (now granted I stopped when pregnant with my 5th who is now about to be 4 so this was still in the hey day of everyone just throwing money around!)

    I think if you can afford it to do it.  Even though I can do my own I wish someone else would come in and do it for me since I'm usually so tired at that point with a new babe!
    So happy to be expecting #7!
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