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I finally got my diapers.

after waiting for a long time,I finally have them. Some one ask my about why I like this diaper,what's so special about them,so I will try to explain why I like them so much. To begin with they are well made,and the materials are good. One of the things that I like is that they don't have snaps on the outside for change the side of the diaper,like other diapers do, another thing is the insert, as you can tell from the second picture its totally different,the insert is very trim and it comes with three parts,the last insert has a layer of wool,and it's attached to the first insert,also it comes with a snaps cover that is inside of the diaper,for when you need to change the side of the diaper you take it out and put it on the front side,(just for not to lost it) then you fold it to that side that you want the diaper to be,( it can be for new both side to large).

Another thing that I prefer to use,not only this diaper but wool cover is because,I just waste my money on buying a pacage of the charlie bananas diaper,they didn't last me a year and four of them I have to trash because they get delaminated,and the shells from grovia I have to fix the elastic and change the velcro.I was hopping for this diapers to last me at least for my next baby.

what's so special about this diaper,in my opinion they will last for a long time,and I can use them for more than one kid,also I don't have to be worry about this diapers to get delaminated, no matter how long you will use them you can still selling them.

And for the last picture,those are the last diapers covers that I made for this LO,and for my next baby I may be still buying the one love diaper,I was compering prices of the materials that i need and it's cheaper to buy the diaper than make it.  


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Re: I finally got my diapers.

  • What kind of diapers are these??
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  • image MrsPteranodon:
    What kind of diapers are these??

    Hi Mrspterannodon.long time no see you posting,hope you are enjoying work.this is the web-side of the diaper that I use,let me tell you they expensive,the lady she just raise the price of the produce she sells.


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  • Dang those are adorable!!!!

    Work is good. Today it's dead so I'm posting. I miss the board but I'm pretty busy at work normally and then on my days off I'm catching up on snuggles and house stuff.
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  • It explains in the website. It's a wool cover with adorable cotton lining and then a separate soaker. Very adorable and well made. I can't justify the price with a full stash, but should I ever decide to try wool I'd get one of these. OP-I envy your diapers lol. And if price were no object I would love all organic and natural fibres on LOs tush.
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