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32 school days left for my PreK DD

Where did this school go?  Maybe it seems like their has to be more than 32 school days left since we still have snow on the ground (but melting fast).  My younger DD has 32 school days left and then she will officially be done with PreK.  Her summer program starts the Thursday after school gets out (through the school) so same classroom/teachers, etc but they eat lunch in the cafe and the sign in sheet lists them as Kindergarten vs PreK.  My kindy DD has 31 days left!!!  Guess I will be leaving this board soon.
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Re: 32 school days left for my PreK DD

  • Mine only has about a month until she's done with kindergarten. The nights are long but the years are so, so short.

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    DS only has 27 days left.  I guess I'll be leaving this board soon too.  Pre-kindergarten was a great school year for DS.  He's at a great school and he is skyrocketing in his Spanish classes.

    Yes, our little ones are growing

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  • I think we have 26 days but my youngest is entering PreK3.  My middle child will go to K next school year.

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