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Heated pool

So I know when pregnant you can't get in hot tub, for obvious reasons. What about a heated pool? Does anyone know how hot is too hot? I mean we all take hot showers/baths but just curious. My daughter is having a swimming party on Saturday at an indoor heated pool. I'm not sure how hot the water is yet, I plan on calling tmro to see. Just thought id see if any of you knew! Thanks

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  • I don't know the temperature that would be too hot, but maybe when you call tomorrow you can ask if it's alright for pregnant women because they most likely know if it's safe.
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  • Usually heated pools are around 85 degrees. You'll be fine. Have fun!
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  • Thanks ladies! I've heard from people that it's a pretty warm pool, but since it's indoors it's stuffy in there too! I'm sure it's not that hot just thought I'd see what y'all thought!
  • Hey, 

    I'm an aquatic physical therapist so I have some real info for you.

    If it is a pool that holds swimming or fitness classes it is unlikely to be above 85 degrees in which case you are fine. If the pool is known as a therapy pool

  • Thank you ashleypt! I appreciate the info! So do you think it would be ok to swim? Or should I just leave the swimming to the kids? I'm not sure if I will swim, just wanted to know in case I choose to if it's safe! Thanks
  • Make sure to stay hydrated drink lots of water!
  • imageKristinandcody:
    Thank you ashleypt! I appreciate the info! So do you think it would be ok to swim? Or should I just leave the
  • You aren't supposed to go in a pool or bath that is over 100 degrees. You will be fine in this case.
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  • I wouldn't feel comfortable taking a pregnant patient into water that was 100 degrees. 

    Technically, the recommendation for something that hot is for no more than 15 minutes.  

  • The whole issue is raising your core body temp. If you feel overheated, get out and cool down. If you don't feel overheated, you're fine.
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  • I highly doubt the water is warm enough to raise your core body temperature. It's fine.
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  • I doubt it would be hot enough to raise your core temp. I am in a heated pool weekly for DD swim lessons and its fine. If the pool feels as hot as a hot tub, which is pretty unlikely, then don't swim but otherwise you should be fine.
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  • As long at the temp is under 100 degrees you're fine.  You're supposed to not submberge your body to temps higher than your natuarl body temp :)

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