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Pregnancy yoga

Hi. I am a STM and last pregnancy I loved yoga. It really helped with some of my aches and tightness.

I know there is a class on Sundays at the Birth Center but that isn't going to work for my schedule. Does anyone know of any other classes on week nights in Wilmington?

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  • I'm sure they're out there but I couldn't find any other than the one at the Birth Center. It didn't fit my schedule either so I did prenatal yoga videos that were on OnDemand. Is that an option for you?
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  • Christiana has one, but that's not in Wilmington.  It's 5:15-6 on weeknights.  I haven't taken it yet, but a friend of mine enjoyed it
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  • Not sure where you are, but I attended a class in Middletown at Serenity Yoga for a few weeks.  My schedule ended up changing so I couldn't continue but the teacher and other girls were awesome.  It was every Tuesday night I believe. 
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  • There's a groupon for zen yoga in Newark.  Apparently they have prenatal yoga classes as well.
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  • I just bought the groupon for the Zen Den in Newark and it has pre-natal yoga on saturdays i believe, hoping to start it this weekend.
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