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36 Weeks Pregnant

Where are all the 36 Week Bumpies?

I've been on the 3rd Trimester and the May 2013 boards, however, it would be nice to chat with those who are in the same week.  Looking forward to progressing our final weeks together.

If you are 36 Weeks along, how are you feeling?


Re: Where are all the 36 Week Bumpies?

  • Getting more and more tired! Getting warmer here also so the swelling has started! So ready for my little guy to be here yet want him to stay in til he is full term!
  • I'm 36 weeks today, feeling a lot more heartburn & indigestion, leg & feet swelling, back pain, belly pain. I have painful swelling in my crotch, and some kind of pitched nerve or sciatic nerve problem in my pelvis on the left side! What's helping at this point: back rubs from DH, warm tub baths, eating small amounts at a time and not drinking too much water with meals, sleeping with an ice pack between my legs. I use rice bags that I put in the freezer: plain white rice in a fabric bag (or you can use a sock). These are nice because you can go to sleep with an ice pack and not have to worry about ice melting. I use the same rice bags to put in the microwave and use as a heating pad for my back.
  • I'm due May 20th and can't wait for this pregnancy to be finished. I've been on modified bedrest since March 23rd.... I've got sciatica that began on just the left side but now occasionally hits me on the right side. I also have SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which makes walking and getting in and out of bed extremely painful. That along with constant BH, pressure on my bladder and indigestion has me ready to get this girl out out OUT!! Oh, and my allergies have kicked up into full swing this week... Talk about miserable!!

    Thank God I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow (full term, whoooooot hooooooot- lol) I see my OB Thursday and hopefully she'll tell me I'm effaced and dilated at least a few cm. (The last few visits have been quite uneventful) My son was born at 38 weeks so I'm hoping for those same numbers lol

  • I'm very tired all the time. my feet ankles and legs swell and im very itchy... 4 more weeks can't come fast enough!
  • Hello, 
    I am 36 weeks and one day. I am tired all the time too. My c section is Jan 16 and it might be moved sooner. 
    Good luck to you all! 
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