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I am flying out next week and I would really like my husband to be able to walk back to the terminal with me. I am not afraid of flying but being pregnant makes me really nervous. Does anyone know if they are more lenient with allowing people to walk back with you and are the security people nice when asking for a pat down instead of the body scanners? I am flying Air Tran.

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  • He can ask for a pass when you check your luggage to walk you back to your gate.
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  • Just ask for a security pass like the pp said.  He has to show ID like everyone else and they will give him a pass to show instead of the plane ticket to get through security.  I was never asked to do the body scanners pregnant, or ever for that
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    While you can ask I will be surprised if they will give him one. Generally it is for people who need help, with kids, or whatever. Just because you are scared to fly I don't know that they will but you may get a nice person. And anyone can opt out of the
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  • Apparently he can buy a refundable ticket to anywhere... print out his boarding pass and go through security with you. When he leaves, he can go get a refund on his ticket. DISCLAIMER: I have never tried this, but I just read about it as a possibility.<br


  • Generally, passes are given to people that are accompanying handicapped people or minors that are traveling alone to get to the gate. You can ask but I'm not sure they will give your husband one because you are afraid to fly. It doesn't hurt to ask though
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  • DH was able to get a pass to go to the gate with my MIL. She has no special needs, he just wanted to be with her until she got on her flight. He was able to do so with no issues. All you need is your driver's license and you're good to go.

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