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Help! My LO sat in a dirty diaper for too long.

I have a very "busy" almost 2.5 year old girl and she is not doing so great on the potty training skill. I check her often and ask her frequently if she needs me to change her and if she needs to go potty and she often will tell me if she needs a change, but here lately she will tell me no and run from me when I go to check her. Today was no different. I managed to catch an awful whiff when I was feeding her two week old brother and told her that she needed a change and we needed to go. She ran.

I finally ten mins of chasing later pounce on the kid and get her to the changing table and it was awful. Her little parts were red and extremely inflamed. I immediately took her to the bath to get her clean and try to calm the inflammation she seemed fine until I took her to put clothes on her and she would scream bloody murder at me for trying to get near her with triple anti bacterial ointment. I managed to get some on her and get her pull up on but after that it was like she couldn't sit down. I could tell when she peed again because she stopped dead in her tracks and just shook. This has happened once before when I picked her up from a weekend at her grandmothers she was given a lot of acidic foods and juice it tore her up for days and the ped told me that we had to give her Pedia-lite and ride it out. She has eaten a lot of pineapple and mandarin oranges lately and her daddy has cornered the market on apple juice. I think other than the fact that I couldn't get to her right away that this could also be a factor. We have already agreed no more acidic food or drink for at-least a week.

So what I am wondering is this. I am recovering from childbirth and I have a massive stash of Tucks Witch Hazel pads to help reduce and sooth my inflammation. Can I use them on a toddler safely to help calm her swelling and redness? I just want to make her more comfortable and help it to heal.I feel awful and I hate to see her suffer.

Does Anyone Know?

Thank you. 


Re: Help! My LO sat in a dirty diaper for too long.

  • Regular old diaper cream is probably a better option, as it blocks moisture and will keep it from getting worse - desitin, butt paste, etc. 

    Edit to add:  I wouldn't keep putting the antibiotic stuff either - it could facilitate a yeast

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  • Butt Paste has worked well for us as it is very soothing.  I think I also gave ds Tylenol once bc he was in so much pain from it.
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  • Put a thin layer of Calmoseptine on her. It will help heal her VERY quickly, in a few hours you'll see major improvement. It will also help prevent future irritation. You don't need a prescription but most pharmacies keep it behind the counter. Walg
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  • Late to the party, but we had a similar situation.  We used equal parts Aquaphor and Maalox and made our own cream.  I also added a little Desitin.  Applied at every changing, it  really helped. 
  • Put your LO in a bath with lots of baking soda in it. Let them sit in there for awhile. After that them your LO run around without a diaper for as long as possible, THEN put destin (or something similar), and diaper. 
  • I wouldn't use the witch hazel, especially if it hurts when she pees - they will burn badly.  I would just use diaper cream and/or let her go without a diaper and air it out as much as you can.
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