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Dealing with time change

We're moving in June and the time change will be exactly 12 hours. DD will be 5.5 months old when we get to Manila and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips because we're literally flipping our day & night!

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  • I just let dd sleep when she needed to at that age, got sunlight during the day, and after a week or so we were back to normal hours :
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  • If it's a real move and not just a vacation, I wouldn't worry about it. Short trips (2 weeks or so) are harder because you want them to adjust soon so you can enjoy the trip. Just give yourself 1-2 weeks of craziness and sleep when she sleeps. Go out for

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  • Hi. I live in Dubai and fly back to the us once or twice a year with my two kids. The time difference is 8-9 hours for us so really about the same. It has been different every time and was much easier with one kid. Whe my son was your lo's age it was fair
  • We have been to Europe 4 times with DD (8 hour difference) and Hawaii one (3 hour difference) and to the East coast many times (2 hour diff). We really haven't had much problem at all, especially going East. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact

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  • I've always just gone with their schedule. It gets a bit messed up because of the flight anyway.

    I was looking at your blog - what's bringing you to Manila? I also went to UCF (but ended up graduating from Rollins in

  • My husband's job, he's an FSO so we'll be moving a lot. I loved that area around Rollins, we went to the Enzian all the time.
  • My LO did great with the recent time change going to Thailand (5 hour difference). We just followed our same bedtime routine at the same local time and she slept through the night from night one! Let's hope reacclamating to home will be just as easy!

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