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Who else?

We didn't do an Easter basket for Addy this year. It's not at ALL that we don't celebrate Easter, just that it would be meaningless to her this year (as it obviously would have been last year too) so I didn't see the point. I will probably do a small one next year. I feel kinda bad for not doing one after seeing a lot of pics on FB of LOs her age and younger with their baskets. Would have been nice at least for the pictures. Oh well, too late now. Anyone else not do a basket this year (or last)?
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Re: Who else?

  • No Easter basket here.  What's the point?  He doesn't know.  We'll do one next year.
  • We did a basket, and Laura's face lit up when she saw it. She took each of the toys out, and then put her little people back in and carried it around for an hour. It certainly was not meaningless to her. She got enjoyment out of it, and we got enjoyment f
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  • imagekleMcK:
    We did a basket, and Laura's face lit up when she saw it. She took each of the toys out, and then put her little people bac
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  • We did a "family basket." it was a big basket with candy in it for us, and a stuffed bunny for J. We also hid a few empty plastic eggs around his play area. He got all excited when he found them. He also loves the bunny.

    For us, Easter has never

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  • We didn't do a basket, but we did do an egg hunt, with the slightly larger eggs so they could be filled with baby-safe items (goldfish, yogurt raisins, etc).  She ended up loving it way more than I thought she would and played with her eggs and the b
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  • We didn't do one either. But I chalk it up to lazy rather than any rationalization.
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  • imagekleMcK:
    We did a basket, and Laura's face lit up when she saw it. She took each of the toys out, and then put her little peopl
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  • We didn't do one, but her Gramma did, so she did get one.  I just figured it wasn't necessary because she had no idea what was happening.  I got her a book, but she didn't really need anything after Christmas and her birthday. 
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  • We didn't do one. We will next year. But we won't ever do the Easter Bunny. I hate that thing.
  • I didn't.  I had intentions to, as in I bought a basket and plastic eggs, but I never got around to finishing it or getting anything else to put in it.  Her DCP did make her one and she had fun with that one.  That evening I filled a few of
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  • No Easter Basket - next year.  I did get her an Easter book with the flaps to lift, which she loved.  We also "hid" (in plain sight!) M&Ms in her toy mailbox.  She loves it when I mail her a snack, LOL!
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  • We did a basket this year, but not last. I don't really understand that "what's the point?" comments. It's the same idea as a toy...? She had a lot of fun opening the plastic eggs. I put things like cheerios and new socks inside. She had a blast. We'll

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  • Strangely I did one last year and not this year. I think last year I had a lot more time and motivation on my hands. :) I just lost track of time this year and decided he really didn't need anything and he wouldn't miss it. I'll definitely do it up bigger
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