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Stomach virus during 2ww....remedies?

Hello ladies.  I'm looking for some help please.  I came down with that stomach virus that has been going around.  I'm 8dp3dt so of course I can't take anything but Tylenol.  Does anyone have some good suggestions for remedies?  I had some dirrhrea earlier but that is gone.  Now I just have a horrible stomach ache that just will not subside.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks ladies.
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Re: Stomach virus during 2ww....remedies?

  • No advice but I hope you feel better quickly!
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  • No advice.  I'm so sorry you are sick though.  It's such a bad time to feel bad.  HUGS
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  • You can try the OTC antacids like tums or mylanta. Ginger tea (I prefer fresh ginger) can help with an upset stomach. And tons of fluids. Often that stomach ache is dehydration. Feel better!
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  • I like to use digestive enzymes, a probiotic, and sometimes activated charcoal supplements to help me when my stomach is acting up. I'm not entirely sure if those are safe with pregnancy, so check with your doctor first...but those are just a few natural
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  • Thank you for all the well wishes and remedies.  They must be working.  I am feeling a bit better today.
    IVF#1 in March 2013.  BFP!  Due date 12/11/13.
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    Lost my sweet angel...D&C on 6/11/13.

    IVF#2 in September.  BFP!  Due date 6/8/14!
  • let it run its course. sucks I just got over it. feel better soon.
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