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question about gym day care

I recently signed up for the gym to finally get rid of this extra weight I gained from having the twins.  I have been going when DH gets home from work but by then I hardly have the energy to go so I have not been going as much as I need or want to go.  They do have a daycare in the gym.  My SIL has friends that use it while doing the fitx classes (which I plan on doing).  It makes me nervous because you really can't see into the daycare place from where I workout.  The gym is not huge so it's not like i'm far from where they would be.  I am pretty sure they would be fine in there for an hour while I workout, but I am still nervous about leaving them there.  Does anyone else leave their LO in a gym daycare?  What do you think about it?
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Re: question about gym day care

  • I do! They have always offered my daughter great care while I do something that for me :) Treat your body to a great workout and an hour or so to focus on yourself... it's for the best! Tenley enjoys the opportunity to see other kids playing, play with di
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  • I use our gyms daycare 5/6 days a week, he loves going there and i love to get my me time. It will be good for all of you to get social interaction. Trust me :)
  • They'll do fine.  They should have pagers to call you if they need you.  You can ask about their policies (many will call if baby cries for more than five minutes).  But you won't be far away, and they'll be fine.

    (That said, it to

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  •  I use mine 5-7 days a week. The boys love it. It's great for getting them used to other people while I'm away. They've been great if they need to get me for something.  It's a great break for me too! I say go for it. And it's probably for the b
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  • We have one at the Y that I use about 3 times a week. At first he was not happy about me leaving but they have a pager system that I took the first few times in case they needed me to come get him. You can see if they have something like that too. I agree
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  • I love my gym daycare.  I would never work out if I didn't have and use it!  My kids jump for joy the moment I turn into the parking lot.
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  • Nel11Nel11
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    Like the others have said, definitely do it... it is great for you and for them.  I've been taking my DD to the gym 3-4x a week since she was 6-7 months old.  She loves being with the other kids, playing with new toys, etc.  I love having t

  • I do it every day of the week and LOOOVE the free time I get from taking care of her. Nothing bad ever happens and she love it there? New toys and people to play with. I think we are both better off this way. We each get a break from each other and it doe
  • Thanks so much everyone for your responses.  I know I really need to just bite the bullett and take them and they will be fine.  I have never had anyone outside the family watch them and I am a SAHM so I am always there to make sure they are fin
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  • At my gym it isn't technically a day care- the children all have to be under 5 and they aren't allowed to change diapers or feed the child. That makes it just a supervised play room. I drop off LO all the time after work or on the weekends just to give

  • I didn't read other responses, but you might want to try starting at an "off peak"' time to give your kids a chance to get used to the place.  Many gym daycares fill up fast during classes, so you might want to start by taking them when a class isn't
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