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22 days. A flipping 22 day cycle this time. So sick of this. It's like it's getting shorter and shorter. I used to have around a 27ish day cycle pre-baby but ever since I started my PPP at 4 months it has gotten increasingly shorter as the months go by. It's like my body is wanting to go into overdrive to try to give me the most possible chances of getting KU again. Not happening. So sick of feeling like I am on my period all the flipping time. My cycles last around 6 days too. No, I'm not on any kind of hormonal BC, this is all me and my wonky self.
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Re: WTH, AF?

  • Since the first time I got my period, my cycle has alternated between being 29 and 30 days long. Even PP, it was completely predictable, almost to the hour. Until this last period... 48 days. I was freaking out and even went for a blood test! Periods suck
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