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Sight words

My DS goes to kindergarten this fall and I want to try to do extra stuff at home to prepare.  Any good websites or games to look at (such as for sight words)?  Thanks!

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  • There's a really cute Caillou app that teaches beginning letters.
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  • I bought a sight word bingo game that DD loves from Amazon. I think they have one at preschool, too. You could very easily make one,  but I have a newborn so I'm taking shortcuts wherever I can, lol.

    She draws the words from the deck

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    Google "dolch words" for lists of words broken down by reading level. I couldn't find the one that I printed a few months ago (it had nice and neat layout) or I would have put a direct link. You might even find some that have printable flashcards.
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    Put cards with common words on things around the house.

    I'd try this as well. 

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  • If your looking for websites try PBS kids and ABC mouse.  Also DD and I do work books a lot, the kind where you trace the letters, find the differences in the pictures, etc..
  • Texas school's use Dolche.  

    They can be located here, preprimer are the first set:  <a href="" target="_blank" title="

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  • I would actually start with basic phonics sounds. The starfall website the PP posted is actually one of the best places to start with letter sounds. I started with DD with short vowel sounds, then consonants. With those your child can start sounding out s
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