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We have started our search for a pediatrician. We live in Kennesaw and I am delivering at Kennestone. Anyone have any recommendations for pediatricians in the area?

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  • Love Dr. Brugner at Kennesaw Pediatics
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • Thanks for posting.  We are moving to the area and need to find a pediatrician.
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  • We love Kennesaw Pediatrics too. PLUS, they have Saturday and Sunday office hours for sick visits.
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  • Yet another vote for Kennesaw Peds.  Love those guys!

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  • Kenmar pediatrics. Love all the drs here but we see Dr Greene.






  • Loved Kenmar Peds! We would still be there, but the drive was just too much since we live on the other side of Marietta. We saw a mall dr who was asian.
  • I love East Cobb Pediatrics, they are off 41 and Pine Mountain Road! No complaints, fast appts, no waits..
  • Another vote for Kennesaw Pediatrics!  We haven't settled on one doctor yet, still trying to see a different doctor each time and get a feel for all in the practice, but so far they have all been awesome.  Love the hours, esp weekend, and whenever I call with a concern or question (FTM here so I've called many times) they always get back to me quickly.  We were also impressed by the extensive on-site lab they have so they can do many tests/blood work and have results right then and there. Everything is fun themed for kids with bright cartoons and murals painted on all the walls and there are 2 running trains that go thru the waiting rooms, the doctors have treasure chests with toys and candy. The exam rooms are clean and nice, with heaters to keep your little one warm, and every restroom is super big with a full changing station.    We also liked that they have separate entrances for well visits, sick visits, and newborns.  Yes, 3 separate entrances.  The newborn waiting room is small but completely climate controlled, they don't take any chances with your newborn. 

    We took a tour with Dr. Long (owner/doctor) and he was awesome, very thorough and informative about the practice policies, philosophy, and what they do and why they do it that way.  He brought up topics that I wouldn't have thought to ask about and showed us everything there was to see in the office.

    We looked into Kenmar (it's 5 mins from our house as opposed to the 25 mins to Kennesaw) but got really turned off by the long list of things they DON'T do that Kennesaw does.  We didn't get to meet any of the doctors, and the tour by the nurse seemed rushed and incomplete.  And none of the fun atmosphere as Kennesaw, it was much more clinical.  I'm sure it is a great practice with good doctors, many people have said as much, it just wasn't the fit for us.

    I know this was long but I hope it was helpful :)  good luck!!

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  • Kennesaw Peds! We were super impressed with the facility and hours. The separate waiting areas are awesome and they don't even cross well/sick visits in the rooms. Drs all seemed nice and I have only heard positive comments from others about the practice.
  • We started at Kennesaw Peds and at first everything was really good. However at 11 months my dd started getting ear infections. She had 4 in 3 months and I requested a referral to an ENT. I was told that they would continue to give antibiotics for 6 months until they referred her. I was not ok with that, took her to the ENT, and she needed tubes. The Saturday and Sunday hours are nice but I never liked the doctors who worked those hours. Plus the wait was always long and you were never guaranteed an appointment. She never saw the same doc for sick visits and I felt like no one was listening to me.
    At 17 months old we switched to Kenmar Pediatrics and I have never once regretted that decision. We see Dr. Kewin at the Acworth location and don't have enough words to express how simply wonderful she is. She always listens and always makes me feel as if she genuinely cares about DD, something I never felt at Kennesaw Peds. Sure there are no cartoons in the walls but there are stickers and treasure chests to get prizes from in addition to a friendly caring staff. I highly recommend them.
    Kadydidnt I'm interested to know the list of things Kennesaw dies that Kenmar doesn't do.
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