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Just curious, at what age did you start taking your kids to the movie theater?

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  • We took DD a few months before she turned 3.  She had done pretty well watchign movies at home, and we did let her stand up and dance near her seat (we saw the chipmunk movie chipwrecked so there was lots of singing and music)
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  • Her 4th birthday. 
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  • We went to see teh Winnie the Pooh movie when she was 3.5 and she did well.  We were going to see Cinderella but didn't make it in time.
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  • DD2 did fine a couple weeks ago. We went to a special kids movie on a Sunday. She is 2y8m.
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  • The first movie I took them to was the first for both of them.  DS was 2.5 and DD had just turned 4.  They both did really well.  
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    We took our oldest to see Finding Nemo in 3D a couple months before he turned 3.  Kids under 3 are free at our theater and we also had a free ticket from my Disney Movie Rewards, so we figured since we were only paying for one of us, it would be no b
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  • We took them to see Cars 2 before they were 3... like 32 months old.  We lasted through about 1/2 the movie and then they wanted to go potty, hang out in the bathroom, get popcorn, etc. and we left instead of running around the place.  We went b


  • DS just turned five and has never been. We're probably going to take him to see Turbo this summer.

  • DS was 3.5. Before that, he would have been scared of the loud noises and darkness. DD still can't through an entire Tv show, so she will likely be the same age.
  • DD started going to see movies at age 3.  DS is 28 months and I think it will still be awhile for him.
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  • 1st movie at 2.5. It was Cars 2.  Within the last year, he has been going regularly (maybe once or twice every other month, mostly with In-Laws or DH). 
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  • We took DS to Winnie The Pooh when he was 20 months. He's been to 4 or 5 movies since. He's always been a really calm kid so he's sat through everything fine. We want to take him to The Croods next. 
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  • Ds1 started going at 20 mos and sat thru entire movie. He is an awesome movie goer! He is 5 now and has been to tons of movies. Ds2 we tries at around same age and it was a no go. He sat through his first one at like 2 and 4 mos. He doesn't love it as muc
  • DS is almost three.  I'm not taking him to the movies until his attention span is longer than 3 minutes and until he can go longer than 10 seconds without asking me a question!

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  • I took DS to see his first movie a few months after he turned 3.  We went to a matinee during the week, so most older kids were still in school.  He stood up or sat in my lap, didn't want to sit in his own chair.  But other than that, he di
  • I want to say around 3.  I recall taking my girls to see a movie one Christmas about 2 years ago and my younger DD hated it - she would have been a few months shy of 3 but my older DD who would have been 4 1/2 loved it.  The girls are now 5 and
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  • I was just saying the other day I want to take DS to a movie! He turned 3 in February, and I think he'd sit still if he found it entertaining.

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  • rsd12rsd12 member
    My youngest went to his first movie this past August. He was almost 3. He did really well, with only one potty break. I brought him again in November and he watched the entire movie. I think my older boys were 3 and 5 when they went to their first movie.
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