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OB/GYN Green/Uniontown Area??

I need some good suggestions for a new OB/GYN. I am newly pregnant and recently moved to the area. I dont want to ask my friends yet as we are being very selective as to who we tell! I would prefer a female if possible.

Re: OB/GYN Green/Uniontown Area??

  • I went to the Reserve on Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. Dr. Lewis is a good female Dr. There. Most of the doctors there are pretty good, though.
  • I really liked the mw who was present for part of my labor. I'm pretty sure she was out of Paragon's Green office. I was usually seen in Kent, but she was who was on call when I went into labor. I'm not familiar with any of the OBs from that office, though.
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  • You have most likely found someone, but I went to Women's Health Group. Their main office is in Tallmadge, but I went to their branch office in Green. They are wonderful

  • Depending on where you plan to deliver,  I LOVE Dr. Domingo's office in Canton. If you really want a female, Dr. Kiko just opened her own practice in Canton as well, she took care of me with #2 after 3 rounds of preterm labor and then all my care after #2 with issues that arose. She is fab as well.
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  • I am probably too late here, but I love paragon on boettler rd.
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