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Leapfrog Tag, tablet or...?

DD1 needs a new 'toy' to play with after I read her a book for bedtime. She has an iPad but I do not allow her to play with it during bedtime (she'll be on it forever). I was thinking of buying her Leapfrog Tag?

I read online the battery life is short and to buy an adaptor. It kind of seems like a PITA to use the computer to download books which are expensive to purchase.  Vtech Bugsby is no longer produced otherwise I would get that. 

Leapfrog and Vtech each have a tablet, however, I think that may be too close to the iPad.  Thoughts?

Personal reviews on these items or suggestions for another toy to keep her occupied for 15 minutes before falling asleep?  Really, I would like to break this habit but she's going through a lot of adjustments right now. I don't want to rock the boat more.

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Re: Leapfrog Tag, tablet or...?

  • We have the Tag and love it. I haven't noticed a huge battery usage. We got the book sets that help him to learn to read so for 25 he got 5 books. He uses the iPad too but not before bed. It is not recommended to use anything back lite like a laptop. Ipad
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  • Honestly, as a parent of older kids, I would strongly discourage letting your daughter come to rely on an electronic toy to wind down and fall asleep.  Electronics are sort of addictive anyway, but when you work them into a sleepytime routine, you

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  • We have the tag and it hasn't gotten much use other than on car trips. DD has a light she uses at night and looks at books for 15-20 minutes before she turns it off and goes to sleep.  Would that work for your DD?

    I also think a tablet is to

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  • Leapfrog tag!
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  • Since you already have an iPad and you don't want to change her routine right now, I would just set a timer for 15 minutes or so and tell her that you will come and get in when the timer goes off.  If she fusses, she doesn't get it the next night.
  • DS loves his Tag but I wouldn't allow him to have it at bedtime.  I agree with letting her pick out some books to look at for 10-15 minutes then lights out!  We leave music on for 15 minutes to help him wind down and it turns off automatically.
  • We have a Tag and ds likes it a lot.  

    I'm considering starting books on cd for bedtime when he's having trouble going to bed and we need him to stay in his room.  

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