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Cups for preschool

What brand of cup does your LO bring to preschool?  We have the playtex no spill sippy cups, but is that to "baby-ish" for preschool?  What about a thermos?  Do those wash well, I feel as if the tops of thermos' don't get really clean.  Thanks!

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  • Our school allowed water cups one summer before it was banned from kids spilling too often. I found 'thermos' type cups for $10 at TRU. The kind w/ the name or a design on them. Very easy to wash. Two pieces-mouth and bottle I would place in the dishwashe
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    Water bottle. We only send water to school.
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  • We don't send sippy cups, the kids drink from regular little cups. When he was at dc we sometimes sent the take 'n toss sippy cups.
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  • We are not supposed to send a cup with a lid. So I send the dollar party cups with characters on them.

    otherwise, I'd do a cup with a straw. 

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  • We send DD with a thermos - I think the brand is Foogo.  Everything goes in the dishwasher, and it's been fine so far.
  • If the school asks you to send water, I'd find a toddler sports bottle that has a flip-up spout.

    If you're not being specifically asked to provide your child water at preschool, don't send anything -- they probably already have drink cups. <

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  • imageneverblushed:
    If the school asks you to send water, I'd find a toddler sports bottle that has a flipup spout.If you're not being sp

  • We give DS a thermos water bottle each day.
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