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How do you know they're ready?

I think DD might be ready.  She just turned 2 last week.  She is a very particular child who points out if she finds a crumb on her chair and alerts the world if she picks her nose and gets a booger on her finger so that we can promptly remove it (gross, I know).  We have had the potty for a few months now and she can mimic the entire process from watching me go.  She has been wearing pull-ups for 2 weeks to get the hang of pulling pants up and down and she has the sign for "bathroom" down pat (she has speech delays but is an awesome signer).  She has not gone in the potty yet but usually signs "bathroom" right after she has gone in her pull-up.  I think feeling the wetness of going in underpants may be what she needs to push her to tell us before she goes.

I am considering pulling the trigger on the 3-day PT method and putting her in underpants.  How do you really know if they are ready?  I don't want to do it too soon but I don't want to keep dragging the process out either if I can just deal with a few bad days and be done with it.  How did you know your LO was ready?

Re: How do you know they're ready?

  • We decided to give it a go when she was telling us her potty habits.  She began telling us that she had to go poopy before she would actually go.  We said that we'd try the 3-day method and if she wasn't getting it/showing progress by day 3 w

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  • I also say go for it. It can't hurt to try.

    My son starting telling me he had to use the potty late last summer at 2.5. After a couple weeks of major success at home, I put him in underwear. We lasted only a few days because he literally had
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