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Preschool Schedule Help Needed.

We live in Florida, and where there there is a parental choice for either a VPK program or private tuition.  There is no  "Universal Preschool Program."

I have been touring schools to find out the best fit for my child.

Now I ask, for children enrolled in preschool what does a typical schedule look like?   There isn't any playtime/outdoor play for these children or is it back to back education needs (reading, writing etc.)?

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Re: Preschool Schedule Help Needed.

  • My son is 4.5 and attends preschool at our local elementary school (free of charge).


    The day is 845-130 two days a week. They start the day outside for 30-45 minutes. Then go in, have snack, then free play. After they have circle and "work time". Then lunch and then either library or music. That's their whole day.

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  • In Tx, my kids get a mix of outdoor/playtime with education.  Often they make the educational curriculum fun w/ crafts or songs integrating what they learned for the day.  We have homework weekly too reinforcing the letter of the week with a collage, found household item,etc...
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  • Our preschool does have recess--I think it's 20 minutes.  The schedule includes free play, circle time, learning stations, story time, potty time, snack and recess.  2 1/2 hours goes by fast but they pack a lot in!
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  • Totally depends on the program.  Are you looking at full day or half day or just a 2 hour program?  Time at school will play a huge part in the set up of the day and what they do.

    My kdis preschool and PreK was set up very close to the same.  My kids are full day, 5 days a week.

    A basic day is

    • Play time at stations in the room
    • Breakfast
    • Circle Time/group time
    • Group activity - may be science related, reading, etc
    • Outside time (weather permitting)
    • Lunch
    • Rest time
    • Snack
    • Outside
    • Closing group
    • Stations - free time
    I think I'm off on some of the order but in general, the kids have a great mix of  educational time, free time at different stations and down time with meals/snacks mixed in.  I
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