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Greensboro-Rockingham County. Young mother.

Hey everyone my name is Cindy and im a senior in high school graduate this year in may on the 25th YAY! but im young and 18. i am going to college after a year or so when baby gets here. Im 13 weeks pregnant and baby is due on August 12th :) just looking for some advice on anything and how to get through my days with a baby on the way and with a baby bump. :) feel free to tell em anything.

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  • First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!  And also for having the courage to become a mother at such a young age :)

    I see that a lot of people have viewed your post, but no one has responded!

    I'm not a super experienced mom...I'm 28, and I have a 10-month-old little boy.  It has been both amazing and challenging at the same time.  No matter how exhausted, helpless, or frustrated I may feel at times, the reward of having a beautiful baby is the best reward anyone could ever ask for!

    My advice to you during your pregnancy would be:

    #1 Try to relax as much as possible.  My mom kept telling me over and over to do everything that I enjoy doing now, because it's very difficult to find personal time - this is ridiculously true!!  Especially if you're working a/o going to school.

    #2 I cannot stress this enough.  Sleep AS-MUCH-AS-POSSIBLE.  

    #3 Try to get some exercise or do relaxation activities often.  I did prenatal pilates, and I found it to be really helpful...both for muscle tone and just stretching in general.  Plus, being in the most stress-free state of mind is best for your bump!

    #4 Save money if at all possible.  Kids are more expensive than you think!

    #5 Reach out to all of your friends and family members for advice...and if you get advice from a know-it-all, just take it with a grain of salt!  Every mom has their battle stories to tell.  But it's great to have a support system.

    #6 Keep a journal - I wish I would've done this, but I didn't!

    #7 Do your research - on everything baby, from bottles and diapers to immunizations.  The more knowledgeable and prepared you are, the less scared you will feel when confronted with a situation.

    #8 Enjoy your pregnancy!!!!!!  It is such a beautiful and romantic time in a woman's life.  I have never felt as good about myself as I did during my second trimester (third was a different story!)

    And keep posting if you need more advice - I think lots of moms are willing to reach out!  Best of luck :) 

  • Hi Cindy, Congratulations on being a SENIOR!!!

    My name is Nadia Smith & I'm with the Rockingham County Young Moms Connect Program. We offer many supportive services to young mothers/families in Rockingham County. We are active in all 4 high schools providing monthly support group meetings. We have other activities/services that are outside of the schools as well. Please give me a call at 336.623.6002 ext. 204 or email me at [email protected] so we can discuss how our program can serve you. 

    I hope things continue to go well with you this school year and with the pregnancy! Take Care!



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  • thank you so much for your advise it really helps me see things differently. i need all the help i can get school is becoming a nightmare my teacher look down on me now and i just upsets and other around me get the best of me.
  • Thank you Nadia. i have emailed you.
  • Congratulations :)  Just remember that you will get through the stage of getting upset all the time ( I currently just stopped...somewhat) Hahaha and do your best with school!! Ignore the teachers looking down on you, my best friend went through the same thing.  People are just old-fashioned!  The best to you and your peanut! :)
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