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So today I had an eye doctor appointment because my right eye has been hurting (I think DD scratched it).  I passed out at the doctor.  Something about getting my eyes checked makes me queasy!  Seriously, I can have a baby with no problems but I cannot get my eyes checked.  In fact, I think I would prefer to have a baby again rather than go back to the eye doctor.

Anyone else have irrational or odd fears?? 

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Re: Fears/phobias

  • I check to see if DH is breathing probably 5 times a night.
    Also, there has to be at least half a roll of toilet paper left AND a back up roll for me to go to the bathroom. I'm afraid of running out and being stranded on the toilet for days.
  • I get panicky in large crowds.
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  • Phone calls, talking to people in general. Clusters of different sized holes. Driving [I don't think I'll ever get my license]. My hatred of mayonnaise borders on phobia territory.
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  • Anybody afraid of mucus plugs?


  • I love the eye doctor! Terrified of the dentist and spiders.
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  • Bugs.

    I had to have Xanax when I had a blood transfusion. It's not just IVs though. It's the transfusion part. I start feeling queasy thinking about it now and it was two years ago.

    Stuff with eyes bothers me too.
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  • I am afraid of the cataract test they do at the eye doctor, the one where they blow air in your eye. I swear, I slide so far back in the chair they have to chase me around. Then it takes five tries because I blink.

    Also, cockroaches. We have some so large around where I work I have mistaken them for mice. Obviously half the problem is I need new glasses but am scared to get them. We once had a roach actually walk through our open front door, past four people at the reception, and stroll right over to the elevator shaft like he had an appointment. Detroit roaches are hardcore.

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